Thursday, December 21, 2006

I want my Christmas cheer, darnit!

Where is my good holiday spirit? If you find it, please send it back. My kids miss their somewhat cheerful mother.

This time of the year seems to become more difficult each time we go through this whirlwind rollercoaster. Eleven months of the year, we barely muddle through our tight schedules. The added 'excitements' at Christmastime push me to the cracking point. What I would give to have the entire first week of December off work (and the kids still going to daycare)... I could have all my shopping, wrapping, card sending, baking, planning, etc. completely out of the way. The rest of the month would be spent enjoying the festivities.

Instead of sitting back and applauding through S.' Christmas programs (she was an adorable angel during her daycare's pageant who actually remembered her line without prompting for the very first time during her one performance), I sat there worrying how I was going to finish making the fudge I was planning to bring into the office and wondering what on earth I was going to do for my mother and my eldest nephew for Christmas.

Maybe I simply need to focus on the present.

Presently, I am feeling slightly nauseated for having overindulged in the goodies that are ever-present in the office this time of year. I work with some seriously talented cooks...

Presently, I feel good that S.' behavior issues of earlier this week (a whole nother post once I work up the energy to process what happened) seem to be behind her.

Presently, L. is a bundle of energy and unabashed glee. Of course, she is somewhat manic right now due to having been on cough syrup for several days. You know, there is something very wrong with someone bouncing off the walls and chortling with glee at 3:00 AM... As exhausted as I was, I couldn't help grinning when she covered my face with very effusive kisses.

Presently, Mr. W.'s foot is feeling better following ingrown toenail issues.

Presently, my back isn't bothering me nearly as much as it was a week ago (I can't remember if I've gone into the whole nasty mess with my back on this blog. I do need to document it if only for my kids' sakes. Chronic pain is such a joy killer, and I want them to avoid it if at all possible.)

Presently, I am listening to excerpts from Handel's 'Messiah.' Where else can you find such exuberant proclamations of joy and faith? 'For unto us a son is born!'

Presently, my employer wants to keep me around and even gave me a nice pay raise for 2007.

Eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy your loved ones and let the hurts that are bound to happen this season drain away.

Blessings and joy for the new year.


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