Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Conversations with S.

On the way home from daycare the other day:

S.: When I am a grownup, I will have new hair.

Me: What will your new hair look like.

S.: A blueberry.

On the way to daycare this morning:

S.: Today is my horse's birthday

Me: So what is Freddie (what she names EVERYTHING) getting?

S.: I'm going to catch her a fish to eat.

Mr. W.: Horses don't eat fish.

S.: Mine does.

Me: Really S., eating a fish would make a horse sick. Horses eat grass, and oats

Mr. W.: And hay and carrots and sugar cubes

S.: Mine eats fish.

Me: Horses really don't eat fish, S.

S.: My horse is a special horse, and she eats fish... What's a sugar cube?


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