Thursday, December 28, 2006

Random thunkings

I can hardly wait for next spring when the next Harry Potter book comes out. On the other hand, I am dreading it since it will be the last Harry Potter book. Anticipation and daydreaming are half the fun. Is Snape truly evil? Where are the horcruxes? What will Neville's final role be? Will Ginny put up with Harry being so protective of her?

I am nervous about the impending execution of Saddam Hussein. How much more violence will this spark? Will people in Iraq ever be reasonably safe again? Will his death close a chapter or open the floodgates of hatred?

Working late stinks. If I were better focused, I wouldn't be in this pickle, but here I am. The end of the year draws nigh, and I am not prepared. My list of projects required by 1/1/07 is growing faster than S. and L. put together!

When is L. going to go back to sleeping through the night? I am exhausted... Mr. W. and I are so exhausted neither of us heard the alarm go off this morning, and we were like mini-tornadoes getting ready and out the door this morning.


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