Saturday, December 23, 2006

Off we go...

So I talked to Amazon about S.' scooter this morning. Guess what the (very nice) customer service rep had to say? 'It has been lost somewhere in shipping, but I can request another one or refund your money.' Great, just great.

My money is refunded, and now I must gird my loins to try to track down a blue scooter. Target had a lovely assortment of scooters last night in just the style I picked out for my girl. Every last one was red. In a desperate bit of substitution shopping, I purchased one of the red scooters thinking I could always return it if I find a blue one. I hate the WalZoo but will be heading that direction this afternoon (what am I thinking!?!?!?). Wish me luck.

We who are about to shop salute you.



Builder Mama said...

Holy cow, what a nightmare! If it's any comfort to you, the jewelry store didn't get MY gift in time, so I got a lump of coal and a "peacemaking" box of chocolate. Bah humbug!

Mayberry said...

I hope you found it -- and had a very merry (and relaxing!) Christmas!