Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Tomorrow is my *cough* *cough* 35th birthday. I don't feel 35. In fact I feel more like a 25 year old who has a better salary and more job experience.

Part of my issue with aging is that I don't feel my age. I'm starting to look my age, but I sure don't feel it. It almost feels like I'm lying when I tell people how old I actually am. Will I wind up one of those 80 year olds who looks in the mirror and is shocked by what she sees? Probably.

The 35th birthday is significant. The description 'early thirties' is officially invalid. Yikes! Welcome to my 'mid-thirties' to be followed by 'late thirties' and then on to *gasp* my forties!

Talk about getting ahead of myself... S. will turn 10 years old four months after my 40th birthday. Turning 30 while pregnant felt weird. Celebrating my first-born's 10th birthday a few months after celebrating my 40th is going to pass weird.

My current list of things I want to do before I die:

Learn to play the oboe
Visit the remaining 3 continents I have not been to (South America, Antarctica and Australia)

My current list of things I want to do before my next birthday:

Change career direction
Find better home/work balance
Figure out what on earth we are going to do with S. for after school care come August

Happy birthday to me!



joansy said...

Happy birthday!!!
For what it is worth, I love 40.
I also love your quest to visit all of the continents. I'm sooooo jealous.

Mayberry said...

Happy birthday! 36 here and still amazed at that...

Keith said...

Did you do them?