Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Unlike this rather anonymous blog (hello PIMs!), the blog I hijacked as noted in this post had a number of readers and is apparently featured on something called Blog Explosion (note to self, do a little research before you start something, and what on earth is a Blog Explosion). A couple of people have posted on my errant blog. Since the url had been abandoned for several days before I 'borrowed' it, I didn't really think any of the previous readers would come by with anything real to say. I had rather hoped that the original blogster would check it out and feel how foolish and even hurtful he had been. Yes I am an optimist, why do you ask?

Foolish me. One gal posted to the effect that she wanted to see the rest of the blog back up and really missed it and another blogger asked about my demise. The original culprit had posted a song and dance about his wife dying of cancer after 30+ years of marriage. I'm trying to think of a clever way to show that the blog has been taken over by someone with better sense and manners without posting, "Hey, guys and gals, this blog has been taken over by someone with better sense and manners." On the other hand, I have noticed that subtlety is often lost in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, I am trying to come up with Dr. Life's next step in the struggle to become a balanced human again. So far he has been attacked by fire ants and is writing sentences...


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