Friday, January 13, 2006

I've been had

The internet is a weird, weird place, and I don't understand many people's motivation. Perhaps the anonymity of the web is just more than society's rules can control. Sometimes I'm reminded of 'Lord of the Flies.'

Anyhoo, all that to say that I stumbled on a blog by an individual claiming to be a Christian fundamentalist. After checking out a half-dozen entries, I discovered the content was that of a raving lunatic claiming to be a Christian fundamentalist. He had choice things to say about a woman becoming President of the United States (shouldn't happen because her menstrual cycle would make her too unbalanced) and even house pets (they should all be culled, and all monies no longer spent on pet food should go to feed the poor).

Now me being a struggling Christian and all, could not resist answering a couple of his posts. I (very nicely, I might add) pointed out that he was wrong complete with request for biblical references supporting his own point of view (something about burning in eternal fire if you own a pet and I own 4 if you don’t count Mr. W. and the girls). Others posted that he was essentially a raving lunatic and an example of why Christianity is something that should be shunned at all costs. Still others were pretty confused and, if you can believe it, actually halfway agreed with him on some points.

You know where this is going, don’t you? As it turns out Dr. Life, as he called himself, was a BIG FAT FAKER! He posted a really, really nasty gloating entry regaling us poor suckers with his own brilliance and everybody else’s stupidity. If he had ‘revealed’ his site as a practical joke, I would have laughed at myself and gone on with my life. But since he proclaimed it to be essentially an experiment in the stupidity of man, I got a little confused. If he is so smart, why does he get his jollies intentionally fooling a bunch of complete strangers only to call them morons (and with language I will not repeat)? The most brilliant people I know have a lot better ways to spend their time. To add additional insult to injury, the ‘twit formerly known as Dr. Life’ deleted the blog. His loss, since I absconded with the blog url and created this.

I'm considering daily updates to his mental health. At least I will be honest in stating that the blog is a complete fraud. Maybe it will give one of us poor sucker idiots a little bit of a grin.


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