Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm so proud

Friday evening Mr. W and I went to pick up L. from daycare (S. had spent the day being spoiled by her grandparents) as usual. While he wandered down to S.'s room to check her cubby, I visited with L.'s teachers to ask how her day went, how many naps did she take, how well did she eat, etc. After giving me the lowdown on L.'s activities, Mrs. C., one of her teachers, rather hesitantly asked, 'So, does L. snore?'

I thought that was an odd question, but I knew the answer since L.'s crib is right next to my side of the bed. 'She sure does. She's pretty well snored since the day she was born. Why do you ask?'

Mrs. C. half grinned in that I'm-about-to-tell-a-parent-something-I'm-afraid-he/she-isn't-going-to-especially-like sort of way and let me know that L. had only recently started snoring during her naps at daycare. In fact, not only was she snoring, but it was loud enough Thursday afternoon that she woke the other nine babies and kept them from getting back to sleep. Plus, she was so creative in her snoring that very afternoon that Mrs. E., another teacher, became nervous and had Mrs. R., the director, come down and listen to L.'s breathing. Mrs. E. thought it sounded like L. was gasping for breath. Mrs. R. confirmed what Mrs. C had been saying and pronounced that L. was merely snoring in that squeaky baby sort of way.

I'm so proud. My girl has taken up with my family tradition in a new and exciting way. Most of the members of my family only start vigorous snoring after they've broken their nose at least once. Not my girl. She's raring to go from the very beginning. I did try to console L.'s teachers by telling them that I thought the snoring would improve once the last of L.'s congestion cleared out. Unfortunately, I don't think it's entirely true.

So to any member of my family who may be reading, be proud of the genes that have produced our little snoring prodigy.


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