Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006!

May this year be more joyful and peaceful than last year.

Personal highlights from 2005:

1. January: My dad headed off to Afghanistan, intending to stay for a year.

2. February: L. was born.

3. March: My mother fell and broke both elbows while helping out my grandmother, whose back made it impossible for her to do a great many things for herself. I fell and broke 3 bones in my foot while trying to take care of my mother and grandmother. (You know it's never good when the ER doctor looks at you and says, 'We're not sure how you did this, but...'). Dad returned home from Afghanistan early due to the craziness that began, ironically enough, on the Ides of March.

4. April: S. turned 3. I was still on crutches.

5. May: I returned to work from my maternity leave. I was still on crutches. My co-workers thought it was really funny that I managed to hurt myself so badly while recuperating from childbirth. Yeah, I work with a bunch of characters.

6. June: I finally got off the crutches and in a boot. Hey, as long as I could walk, things were great!

7. July: Executive VP congratulated me on walking less like a drunken pirate. Yeah, I really do work with/for a bunch of characters.

8. August: L. started crawling! Yikes, babyproofing frenzy began! Since S. didn't even roll over until 6 months old, L. caught us by surprise in a big way.

9. September: L. promoted up to the second baby room at daycare and S. promoted up to the second to last class at daycare.

10. October: Celebrated Mr. W. turning 39, and began discussing what to do for him when he hits the big 4-0 next year.

11. November: Celebrated 6 year wedding anniversary and started this blog.

12. December: Found out Dad is returning to Afghanistan sometime in January. Please God, keep him (and the rest of my family) safe this year.


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