Saturday, January 14, 2006

The stuff that dreams are made of

I have a running mental list of things I would like to do in my lifetime. These are the frivolous things, not the big ones like 'prepare for retirement' or 'send my kids to college.' More like:

Learn to play the oboe. I love this instrument and tried to get into it when I started band in elementary school. My elementary school required future oboists to start on flute (I understand why now that I've seen how much those instruments cost), which I did. Unfortunately, I missed the window to switch to oboe by moving half a dozen times and winding up in a school that required students to start oboe earlier.

Visit all seven continents. I've got North America, Europe, Asia and Africa knocked off the list. I'm thinking when Mr. W. and I retire, we'll take a little South American cruise followed by a jaunt down to Antarctica. I haven't worked out the strategy for getting him to take me to Australia, though.

Create and build a muppet. Yes, I am still a muppet freak.

That is all that is on my 'frivolous' list for now. It does change from time to time. The goal to hit all seven continents has been pretty consistent, though.


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