Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A-Toddling We Will Go

All of a sudden this weekend, my baby became a toddler.

In the space of 4 days she went from clinging tightly to both my hands as she took tentative steps around our living room to letting go entirely. It began Friday night when she wanted to hold on with only one hand. On Sunday afternoon, she let go entirely for the first time in order to take that first solo step to her grandma's open arms. Two hours later, she took two more steps, again to grandma. At daycare Monday morning, she was ready to take off running. Of course, she couldn't do that just yet and pitched forward face first. When we dropped her off this morning, I set her down on her feet. She froze, wobbling just a bit, caught her balance, scooted one foot forward about 2 inches and then scooted the other foot about 1 inch. She froze for another second, then repeated the process a couple more times until she had made three quarters of a circle before plopping down into a crawl.

I cannot believe she already made this little milestone. Her birthday is in 19 days. I am not ready for her to be quite so independent and mobile.


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