Saturday, January 07, 2006

Has it really been a week?

I guess it has been a week since my last entry. Wow does time fly when you're having 'fun.'

Okay, so December 30 S. announced her throat hurt. Mom, Dad and my Grandma were supposed to make the 6 hour drive up to our house to spend the weekend with us that day. I called the family and told them about S.'s throat, and they postponed leaving until we got S. checked out by the on-call pediatrician on Saturday. S. went into the doctor on December 31, and sure enough her strep throat was back with a vengeance. With Grandma's health problems and Dad's future travel plans, the trip was nixed. S. got another round of antibiotics and sulked about Grandmother and Grandfather not coming.

Sunday, January 1, L. woke up with sniffles and coughing. Yippee, another cold. We hope it won't turn into another double ear infections.

Monday, January 2, Mr. W's tonsils swelled to near-golfball proportions and were covered with puss pockets. On-call nurse got on-call doctor to call in a prescription for antibiotics for Mr. W. without requiring an emergency room visit since all clinics were closed.

It's just as well my family didn't come. I would have hated for them to come down with all that crud. However, it would have been nice to have my mom help me out for a couple of days. My mother in law is a saint and would have helped me deal with all the sickos, but she's sick herself with some kind of respiratory something or other.

Wednesday, January 4. I ran fever for 4 hours. Yep, 4 HOURS while everyone around me was dropping like flies. I guess God knew I didn't need to get ferociously sick at the same time everyone else was incapacitated. Still, I half wonder when it's going to be my turn to stay in bed while the world goes on turning without my direct involvement.

L. did not sleep well last night for the second night in a row. I suspected it had to do with the 6 zillion teeth she's trying to cut, but Mr. W. thought it was ear infections since she was pulling on her ears last night. He took L. in to the on-call pediatrician, and her ears are clear thank goodness. I'm glad I was right, but I don't like that we're out another co-pay when there was nothing wrong. Oh well. Better safe than sorry, right?

Anyhoo, I'm off to clean bathrooms while S. is still napping. My dad is making a special trip here before he ships off, and I don't want him to regret staying in our house. With everybody being so sick, housecleaning has been way low on the list of priorities. Time to play catch-up!


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