Monday, November 20, 2006

What is WRONG with people?

Turns out S. was almost in the middle of a really nasty altercation Friday.

S. stayed out of school on Friday, since her throat was still bothering her, and she had only been on antibiotics 20 hours. She instead spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa (an arrangement all three thoroughly enjoy). Lunchtime rolled around, and they headed toward S. ' favorite food joint, 'Chick Fil A,' where there is a great indoor playland. For the first time EVER, S. decided she'd rather go to the McDonalds next door. In typical grandparent fashion, Mr. W.'s parents went along with her request.

After they ate, they headed out to the truck and noticed several police cars and all kinds of chaos around the Chick Fil A. Saturday's newspaper carried the story. In short, two men escalated a confrontation between each other until one pulled out a gun and fired it. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but my GOD, my baby could have arrived there at the absolute wrong moment!

The guy who was shot at, was bringing his 6 year old to the restaurant! The guy who did the shooting is 58 years old! Is there a gene that prevents some men from growing up? Please, someone explain this to me. How can two men, who should know better, so flagrantly disregard their own and everyone around them's safety? How? How can ANYONE think pulling a gun on another human being is acceptable? Why? Why would you get in the face of someone who had already pulled a gun on you once?

When I read what had happened and heard how close my girl was to being in the middle of it, I began to cry. I am grateful that she was not exposed to any of the events that transpired. Hug your loved ones close, because you just never know.

Article here, if you want to read the whole thing.



Mayberry said...

That is terrifying. So glad she is OK.

And congratulations on your two anniversaries!

Spazbomb said...

Wow! That WAS close. I totally agree with you. Some adults seem to have lost the art of reasoning verbally and can only resort to violence. I suppose that's the good thing about living in the UK, but then things are getting like that over here too. It's a sad, sad world we live in. I'm glad S didn't see that though.

TxGambit said...


schloobie said...

there are no words. Thank god she is OK.

Keith said...

I was a Fairly Good Man at my roommate JB's wedding. I got demoted from Best Man after I referred to the others as the Worse Men, and asked if I was the Best Man why she wasn't marrying me.

I got tickets to see the floor of the House from Newt Ginrich just to torture him. I bought tickets to the Star Wars Smithsonian exhibit and was going to see the House next. It turns out JBs boss let him off work early, so I walked out of the Star Wars exhibit in the middle of the tour, and took the subway to his house.

Meanwhile, a dude strolled up to the line of people waiting to see the floor of the House, at the time I would have gotten out of the Star Wars exhibit, and killed them all.