Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election woes

Another election year has come and gone, and I'm wallowing in the post-election blues. I tend to be a trifle independent/libertarian in my political views, and well, it wasn't a good year for either.

Of the 20 or so items/people I voted for, exactly 1 was elected.

I don't know why I'm so disappointed, it's pretty common for me to look at the list of candidates, roll my eyes, take a tylenol and want to chug some Pepto. Then I pick out which one makes my stomach churn the least. Don't you just love election by process of elimination?

I am glad I voted. Even if my candidates of choice hadn't a prayer of a chance of winning, my vote shows that someone wasn't happy with the candidate who won.

The debacles with redistricting, school finance and the proposed Trans Texas Corridor leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth for Governor Perry. He may have been re-elected, but he only received 38% of the vote. Maybe he'll take heed of the many issues championed by Grandma and Kinky.


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Builder Mama said...

I tell you what, this year for me it was picking the lesser of two evils for the senate race here. Seriously, both guys were just stomach-turning. And really, I'm not happy thinking about the next presidential election either...pass the Pepto please!