Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween cruelty

Let me preface this post with: I do not condone being mean to anyone, no matter how much they deserve it!

Halloween brings a gazillion (a bajillion more or less) kids from well beyond my little town's borders to my neighborhood for trick-or-treat. I'm irritated by the gangs of kids going door to door who I will not lay eyes on again until next Halloween. I dislike the people who drive slowly down the street while their truckload of urchins go door to door (hello, people, just park the blankety-blank-blank truck and get out and WALK already so you don't run someone down). But the number one thing I loathe, is the 12-15 year olds who show up with a sack and no costume. I'll happily give a 30 year old a fistfull of lollipops, but if you can prepare enough to bring a bag and expect me to be prepared enough to fill it, then you can come up with a costume!

In the spirit of Halloween, I refused to give candy to anyone not obviously costumed until they gave me a clever 'costume' explaining what they were wearing. I got things like 'cool kid', 'my own twin', 'American outfitters model' which sort of worked for me. One poor soul who looked somewhere around 13 could not come up with anything beyond, 'I'm a kid.' I told him he needed to come up with something better than that and proceeded to ignore him. After a few batches of trick-or-treaters, I asked him if he had come up with something better. He responded with a panic-struck 'how much are grief are the guys going to give me if I leave without any candy' stare. Another batch of trick-or-treaters came and left. Then I went soft (curses!), told him I guess he had suffered enough and sent him on his way with a Tootsie roll.

M.W. - the softie

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Mayberry said...

The same thing happens in our neighborhood. Carloads of carpetbaggers. Annoying!