Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here's to hoping I escape a sinus infection

It's been a windy, windy, windy day here in Central Texas thanks to a fast and furious cold front. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to both the pollen (cedar?) being blown in and the smoke blowing in from the fire out at the marina across the lake. Yep, there is/was a fire down at the marina, and early news reports tell of 6 houseboats damaged beyond repair. My office is directly across the lake from the marina with the fire.

Looking out the windows, I see haze, haze and more haze. Is it dust? Is it pollen? Is it smoke from the fire? Who knows? I just hope the fire stays on THAT side of the lake, but with 50 mph gusts, it could move pretty fast in a big hurry.

Meanwhile, my eyes are itchy, my throat burns and I cannot stop coughing. This is most definitely NOT fun.


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