Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vital Stats - 2 year checkup

Weight: 28 lbs - 70th %ile
Height: 34.25 in - 75th %ile
Head: 19.5 in - 85th %ile

L. had her 2 year check up this morning (I love 7:30 appointments) where she was a complete clown through the whole thing. Dr asked her to open her mouth, she clamped down on the little wood popsicle stick chortling away. She giggled through the whole checkup and wasn't the least bit nervous with Nurse B (our favorite) or the dr. She did have to get one shot and gave a pretty good long howl of protest. It was over just as soon as Nurse B slapped on the band-aid.

S. was very well-behaved too. She sat still and waited her turn to talk while the dr ran through the standard 2 year well visit interview.

Afterward, I loaded the girls back in the van, and S. (the elephant) announced, 'The heart lollipop reminds me of Valentine's day.'

I answered with, 'That's nice, S.'

She came back with, 'So are you sorry you threw it away?'

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Tree said...

Are you?

That's hilarious!

Congrats, S! She is growing well and thriving.