Friday, February 02, 2007

Beginning to think he's avoiding me...

January 11 - I received notice that I was not accepted into the manager training program for which I had applied. I e-mailed our hr director asking what weaknesses lost me this opportunity.

January 12 - I find out a certain other co-worker, who has considerably less experience than I (among other things) was accepted into the program. No word from HR director. (fade from disappointed to angry)

January 15 - 19 - still no word from HR director.

January 22 - e-mail sent to HR director, again asking for feedback. This time, I copied my direct supervisor as well as department head.

January 23 - HR director e-mails me that he wants to talk to my supervisor and department head before he visits with me. Please note that they were not on the deciding committee, while HR director was. (Supervisor and department head declined speaking to HR director.)

January 24-30 - no word from HR director.

January 31 - I am home sick (stoopid sinuses!) and HR director leaves a message on my voice mail about setting up a meeting on Feb 1.

February 1 - Meeting is arranged for 2:30, pushed back to 3:00, pushed back until later, never heard back from HR director the rest of the day. He was, however, chitchatting with someone else at 5:10 pm when I stopped by to drop off my signed copy of the latest security policy. Meeting rescheduled for February 2 at 10:00 am.

February 2, 10:00 am - HR director's office is dark, and the secretary informed me he has called in sick for the day. (nice how he thought to have his appointments rescheduled?)


To add insult to injury, HR director spent most of January 30 and January 31 giving 'customer service' presentations. Included within those presentations were the statements that our fellow employees are our customers, and that as HR director, all other employees are his customers. I'm thinking his actions (or lack thereof) toward me do not exemplify the height of customer service.

Of course, this is the same person who announced that from here on out, we are to give our first and last names when answering the phones. This includes the clerks who take some pretty nasty calls from irate policyholders. When concerns were expressed regarding our clerks' safety, his response was, 'I've never heard of anything like that happening, and if it does, we will deal with it at that time.' His sensitivity has created an environment of fear and anger. Fear from our clerks who take the occasional threatening phone call on a rotating basis, and anger from those same clerks whose safety concerns have been completely brushed aside. I am angry on their behalf.

Fellow co-worker asked me what I wanted to hear from this interview with HR director. My response? I want him to give me one area where I can stand to use some improvement, but where my co-worker, who made it into the manager training program, excels. That's really all I want. Somehow, I doubt I will get it.



Builder Mama said...

Holy shit. I am so pissed for you right now I can barely see straight. What they are doing is total bullshit!

Of course, I fight this kind of stuff on a daily basis, so it's a pretty sore subject.

Please update when you finally get this jackhole to talk to you. I'm dying to find out what the reasoning is.

joansy said...

What complete b.s.

And why do they need to use their real names? Assuming there is some valid reason for giving first and last names to mad customers, couldn't everyone be assigned a fake name - maybe with the same initials - so there could still be some accountability without fear and personal threats?

What a jerk.

Tree said...

What an insensitive idiot. This exemplifies "evil HR director catbert" doesn't it?

I am frustrated and angry for you. I hope you do get the interview. One thing I have learned, though, is to not focus on the other candidate, but on yourself - try to get them to state exactly why you were not chosen.

Let us know.

Schloobie said...

man, that stinks!!!! :(((