Wednesday, February 07, 2007


My dad has a teasing streak a couple hundred miles wide. This made for a somewhat rocky relationship between us during my teenage years. His inability to refrain from teasing me, and my inability to not rise to the bait led to many, many episodes of tears and slammed doors. (Did you know that doors hung on those old-style door hinges popular 100 years or so ago pop right off if you slam the door hard enough?) He never did learn his lesson, and the teasing continues to this day. However, vengeance is sweet. Especially vengeance that resulted from a cooperative effort between me, my sister, K, and Mr. W.

Dad decided to take advantage of my huge aversion to motorcycles earlier this week. He told K to call me up and tell me all about how he and Mom were going to buy Harleys and go cross-country cycling. My sister is quite convincing, and I came pretty close to buying her line. However, she went soft and fessed up that Dad was merely trying to get my goat.

After a few minutes discussing Dad's little habit of picking on his children, we came up with the perfect payback prank.

K. called Dad and told him she had fed me the line like he asked, and I was upset. In fact, I was so hysterical, that she couldn't be the one to tell me it was just a joke. In fact, she said he had to call me back and confess all, because she sure wasn't going to. When dear old Dad called back, I had Mr. W. answer the phone. In a very disappointed, serious tone, Mr. W. told my sweet father that I was very upset, and he needed to talk to me.

The phone was passed to me, and in an Oscar-worthy performance, I told Dad how very worried I was. I told him all about my co-worker's mom who is currently paralyzed and dealing with a life-threatening infection all resulting from a motorcycle wreck. Dad finally fessed up that he was just kidding around. I told him it was not nice at all to upset people like this. How on earth could he think this was funny?

About that time, Dad became very dejected and apologized. Once the apology came out of his mouth, I busted out laughing so hard I nearly peed myself. His (classic) response? 'Okay... okay... okay... okay...' ad nauseum.

Mom says he is now plotting and scheming to get back at us. Good luck, Daddy, dear. We outnumber you!



Mayberry said...

Nice work!!

Schloobie said...

ha! I love it!

Keith said...

My dad used to ride motorcycles. He neglected to mention this to me, ever. My cousin told me how much he liked my dad's motorcycles at my dad's funeral. MY dad? The really old guy?