Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bah... Heartbug

It's Valentine's day, and I'm perhaps the biggest V-Day scrooge on the planet.

I hate February. It is the 'ugly stepsister' month of the year, and I hate it. My friends are well aware of this sentiment (my grandmother joined me when my grandfather died in... you guessed it, February) and somewhere I have a comic strip that shows the eleven normal months of the year wearing Roman togas and looking handsome and polished. At the tail end is February, who's sporting a hump on his back and extra hair and moles. It pretty much summarizes my feelings on the subject.

My loved ones and I better be appreciating each other all year. Devoting one day a year to acknowledge those you love is a cop-out. Buying their affection with some jewelry, flowers or candy is not enough. I want special attention all year, and I better, by golly, be giving it right back. Plus, if I never see another 'Every kiss begins with K' commercial again, it will be too soon.

I'm tired. End of year work related crap and ensuing fall out are still kicking my butt. My 12-16 hour work days (plus another 6-8 hrs on weekends) leave precious little time for me to fuss around with valentines and special treats. I don't think the kids have been scarred, yet.

Mr. W. has a card that I haven't written in yet, and I've done nothing for the kiddoes. Heck, Mr. W. signed the valentine cards for the kids' parties, baked the cookies for S.' class and bought the pretzels for L's class. Looking for a candidate for mother of the year, anyone?

Maybe I will leave work close to on time today so that S. and I can make valentines together. It'd sure be nice to be home for dinner for a change...

Oh, and did I mention that L. turns 2 on Sunday, we have a pile of people coming to stay at our pigsty, er, house, and we don't even have a birthday present for the girl?



Mayberry said...

I had a friend growing up whose mom would only let him eat sugary cereal (Froot Loops, Capn Crunch) in February. 'Cause of how February sucks.

Hope you get a break ASAP!

schloobie said...

Oh crap. I just realized I forgot to give Bryan the card I bought him!

And for me, my hated month is January - but February is a close second.