Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dumb things I already knew

  1. The magnet in your cell phone's speakerphone speaker will pick up a paper clip. How many of you with speaker phones are going to try this?
  2. A Cartesian join does bad, bad, bad things to servers that have limited capacity. Specially when one table has 1,000,000 rows, the second table has 300,000 and the third table has 3,600. For those of you non-techy: I was supposed to pull back 775,000 rows. Instead, my procedure tried to pull back somewhere in the neighborhood of 775,000,000,000 rows. Big, stupid!stupid!stupid! difference.
  3. Programmers who get called in the night because their job blew up because your query has a really, really, really stupid basic mistake aren't always in the best mood.