Monday, February 19, 2007

Games we play

Many mornings on the way to school we play 'guess that animal.' The rules are fairly simple:

  1. Describe an animal.
  2. You are not allowed to change the animal once people start guessing
  3. The person who guesses the animal gets to go next.

Simple, right?

S. is pretty good at picking out obscure animals (kimodo dragon, anyone?), but she really had us stumped this morning.

Her description: It's all white, it has a long straight furry tail, very short stubby little legs and a long body.

Mr. W. and I tossed out white wolf, snow rabbit, kitty cat, possum and other assorted critters that could be considered 'white' to no avail. We eventually gave up and asked S. what her animal was. Her answer: I don't know.

Any takers on what she was describing? Was she just making it up?


Updated: It was a ferret! We figured it out on the drive home last night. Applause to Mayberry!


Mayberry said...

ferret? weasel? that's a tough one.

Oh, and happy birthday to L.!

Mayberry said...

LOL. I think like a 4-year-old. Or a rodent.

TxGambit said...

Oh I knew it as I was reading it before I got to the update.

K wants one that's why I knew!

Cooool game. We used to play "describe where we are"... We would often be in a sub under water looking at sharks and clown fish. But, the jungle or moon or space were other faves.

tj said...

i was going to say "albino peruvian furred walking snake" ... but ferret works too.

greeblemonkey said...

kills me that mayberry got it on the first shot! good show!