Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You have to wonder...

what on earth happened.

I work for an insurance company, and the company will auction off various and sundry salvage items. Recovered stolen cars, hail-dented sheets of metal, smoke-damaged bedroom furniture, lightning damaged electronics make up the bulk of the items up for auction. Today, the following two item descriptions were posted:

3 month old catnapper sectional, w/microfiber cover. Sectional is in 3 pieces with 3 recliners, it is a total of 196" long. It has vibrator and heater built in. It has a bullet hole in the left end, Recliner in lower back & seat.

an electric guitar with a bullet hole through the body.

I admit to a certain level of curiosity (so far as I can tell, this was strictly a property claim - nobody injured)...



TxGambit said...

Bullet hole, huh? Makes ya wonder.

Heather said...

Things that make you go, hmmmmmm.

Sounds like it should come with a story.