Monday, January 29, 2007

Inordinately proud of myself

Back in the college days, I had a roommate who nearly always answered, 'I'm inordinately proud of you' when told of some especially good something a fellow roomie had done.

I am using it on myself today!

We are distributing worksheets to various and sundry agents, who will fill them in and send them back via e-mail. The data started out on a single, very long worksheet. Using the magic of macros, I have broken the data out to personalized workbooks intended to go to each agent all while keeping formatting, formulas and security intact (can't trust agents not to monkey about with formulas).

Anyhoo, I'm pretty proud of my programming efforts here, and I know certain clerks will be very glad they don't have to manually copy and past all that data into the 325 workbooks my little series of macros created.

Yay me!



Mayberry said...

Inordinately proud of you too, since I am also one of those who should never monkey with the formulas.

Tree said...

I am inordinately proud of you, Mrs. W! That sounds amazingly efficient and cool. I love things like that.