Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where to begin...

This is a nightmare. A work-related nightmare, and I am looking at the rubble trying to figure out where to start.

The server issues on Friday trashed all work done on Thursday and Friday for most people.

My department's shared drive was spared, so nothing lost there.

However, the developer area where I have been working on new reports and procedures had not been backed up since 11/17. I lost everything I've done for the past 6 weeks. Everything.

I just want to go home and cry. Things were tight, very, very tight schedule-wise. Now they're in-freaking-sane.

On the bright side, I was behind. So not as much was lost as should have been... Sad comfort indeed.



Mayberry said...

That totally sucks. I am so sorry.

Gretchen said...

That sucks. That blows.

I think it's awful that you weren't backed up. (Coming from an IT department that backed up every night.)