Sunday, January 21, 2007

(Yet Another) Valuable Life Lesson

S. was running around like a (buck naked) hooligan rather than heading to the bathroom where her daddy was waiting to give her a bath. I was camped out on the floor with L. cleaning up after one of those poopy diapers that only a parent can truly appreciate.

It was one of those squishy messes that leaves an odor that makes your eyes water. Once you've finished cleaning it up (all while swearing under your breath that you will gouge out both eyes before you feed her whatever-it-was that 'came out' in this manner), you carry it outside, do not pass go, do not pass an inside trash can. Then you spend twenty minutes trying to eliminate and/or mask the residual odor that winds up making you chase your toddler around for a good half hour or so just to 'make sure' she really had finished pooping anyway.

I learned that you DO NOT take a deep breath in order to yell at your older daughter while you are up to your elbows in raunchy poop. I swear I saw stars and nearly barfed into my precious daughter's diaper... It's amazing, to think about it, that I made it this long before learning that valuable life lesson.



TxGambit said...

Wow, I so do not miss that! Thanks for the flash backs. (gag)...

Tree said...


But you are close to the end of diapers, I am sure!