Friday, January 12, 2007

I better get a really good explanation!

A co-worker from my department and I applied to the brand spanking new manager trainee program sponsored by my company last week. He was selected, and I was not. Below is a short list comparing our experiences at the company. Perhaps it will explain why I am angry enough to see red right now:

Him: With the company 3 years
Me: With the company 9 years

Him: Put together a couple of flashy presentations.
Me: Continued to produce at the same exceptionally high levels expected of me, but without the benefit of flashy presentations.

I have some rather serious issues with his professionalism but will not post them in a public place (not that anybody I work with knows about my blog, but I do not wish to slam anybody).

I spend 9 years making the people I work for and with look very, very good. He spends 3 years making himself look good. The bigwigs passed me over in favor of him. A nickel says he misses 3 of the first 6 training sessions by June.

Did I mention that I am pissed? Really, really, really pissed?

I e-mailed our hr director the following:

I appreciate your phone call giving me the disappointing news about my application to the MTP. However, I would like to know what weaknesses lost me the opportunity to participate in this program so that I may address them. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Thank you for your time,

Somebody better get back to me with a really good explanation!

I had a decent meeting with my department head and supervisor this afternoon. Department head asked me point blank how I felt about the decisions. I informed him that I was 'royally ticked.' Not only did he understand, but we began preliminary work to map out a 'marketing plan' for me to get my name out in front of the bigwigs.

Meanwhile, anybody need a good, reliable analyst who is extremely competent with SQL, has the basics for programming in WebFOCUS, knows her way around a CICS/TSO/mainframe environment, can do all kinds of neat things with Microsoft Access, Excel and Word, can develop easy to read reports and has plenty of experience making projects flow smoothly with little in the way of bruised egos? I'm only half kidding on this one...

Funny for the day:
Question: What did the snail riding on the back of the turtle say?
Answer: Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!



joansy said...

Damn that sucks. I've seen flash win over substance time and time again -- but it's always short term. I don't doubt that flashy dude is going to show his true colors soon enough.

I would hire you in a heartbeat - if I understood a single one of your skills. And that part where you are several states away doesn't help either.

Hang in there. Rat bastards.

tj said...

send me your resume. :-)

the only problem is you might have to move ... but you don't have anything that would keep you from getting a security clearance, do you?

Builder Mama said...

Oh, see, I get this shit all the time. Apparently 10+ years of experience gets you jack if you're up against a punk-ass BOY with a useless college degree but his daddy belongs to the same country club as the owner of your company.

Ahem. Bitter, party of one?

Just wanted to say that I definitely feel your pain on this one.

TxGambit said...

Did you get the answer you were or weren't looking for yet?

Tree said...

I want to know what HR said.

I am so sorry, Mrs. W. I have lived under the weak management of a male dominated industry in which all the cronies were fat dumb and happy and did not want to rock the boat in any way that might jeopardize their lifestyles. It's the regression to the mean, isn't it?