Monday, January 29, 2007

Yes, Boss

Last Saturday morning, S. and I were playing together in the living room while L. took a nap, when S. looked up at my and said, 'You're the boss of daddy.' I started to laugh, and began thinking up ways to give Mr. W. a hard time about our terribly clever daughter's powers of observation. She continued with, 'and daddy's the boss of you.'

You know something? She's right. I do things Mr. W. tells me to do, and he does the same. Our marriage is truly a matter of give and take. Funny how S. picked up on it.



tj said...

partnership is what it's all about.

amazing how observant kids are too ... sometimes too much for their own good. hee hee.

Tree said...

That is really cool that S picked up on that. And it is a partnership. Good for you and Mr. W for striking that balance.

Schloobie said...

funny... and sweet!