Saturday, December 17, 2005

To S. at 44 months old

You are now 44 months old, just 1/3 of a year away from turning 4. I can hardly believe how quickly your fourth birthday is coming and how much you have impacted my life. Once you were born, I started to take stories of child abuse personally. Once you were born, I started noticing children around me, watching to make sure none of them were lost. Once you were born, I found new courage I never thought I would have. Who would have thought one little baby could do so much?

Here you are on the cusp of leaving toddlerhood. Yes, you are still very good at being three with all the tantrums, meltdowns and bouts of hysteria that entails. You are also asking endless streams of questions and developing a surprisingly large streak of empathy. I feel teary when you mention the hurricane victims in your prayers at night and before eating. Much of the time, you end your prayers with, 'And God bless the people hurt by the hurricane. Amen.' Your understanding that people are still hurting from having lost their homes and livelihoods touches me deeply and is an example many adults should follow. Despite the fact that the 'boot' for my broken foot was tossed aside several months ago, you still ask me regularly how my hurt foot is doing.

I love you, S.


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