Friday, December 23, 2005

All S. wants for Christmas . . .

So for the past 8 months or so S. has been galloping around the house declaring she is a little blue horse. Amusing, but I wonder where she came up with that idea. She has also been visiting Grandma and Grandpa and feeding bread to the calf they've stowed away in their backyard. Now onto the latest Santa Claus conversation:

Me: What do you want Santa Claus to bring you, S.?

S.: A horse. . . and a cow!

Me: I don't think Santa will have enough room on his sleigh for those. Is there something else he can bring you?

S.: He can tie them up behind his sleigh.

Me: Where could we keep a horse and a cow, S.? Our yard is too small for animals that big.

S.: They can stay in my room.

Me: They would be very unhappy cooped up in a small room like that.

S.: Why?

Me: Because cows and horses need lots of room to run and lots of grass to eat.

S.: OK.

Me (relieved at only one 'Why?'): So what do you want Santa to bring you?

S.: A horse and a cow.

Me: I'm telling Santa you can't have those. We don't have enough yard for a horse or a cow. Wouldn't you rather have a telescope?

S.: You and daddy can have the telescope.


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