Monday, December 19, 2005

About to crash and burn

You know when I posted that I would give up every cent in my checking account for a good night's sleep? I was not kidding. I'm now on day 8 of attempting to operate on somewhere close to 4 hours of sleep.

L. was a champion sleeper. Going down at eight and sleeping until 6 was her normal routine. And such a lovely routine it was. Unfortunately that routine has been thoroughly trashed and replaced with the following (encore performances nightly for the past week):

Down at 9:00
Up at 12 AM
Down at 1:30
Up at 3:30
Down at 4
Up at 6:15

This morning's 3:30 performance prompted a right terrible snit and not-so-mild temper tantrum (from me, not L.). L. decided to skip the whole 'Down at 1:30' step this morning, and I completely lost my temper with the hapless diaper I was going to place on her wriggly bottom. Mr. W. woke from a snore-filled slumber to the sounds of L. grumping on our bed while I took the above-mentioned diaper and beat the crap out of my pillow. It was either let off some steam or explode, so I chose the logical target for my frustrations and pummeled the oh so comfy pillow that was sitting there mocking my sleeplessness.

Sensing that I really was at my breaking point, Mr. W. took L. for another half hour while I got myself back under control (he had already taken close to 2 hours worth of L. care by that time). L. continued to resist sleep until around 3:50 this morning when I gave up. Oddly enough, once I plopped her in her crib with a couple of toys, she sacked out and bought me an hour or so sleep before it was time to get up and start my day for real.

M.W. - My name is Wheezer, and I'm a pillow-abuser.

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