Saturday, December 03, 2005

Taking the day off

Mr. W. and I took today off, completely off. We send S. to grandma and grandpa's, took L. into daycare, took vacation from work and spent three-quarters of the day being nothing more and nothing less than a couple. I cannot remember the last time we did such a thing, but I know we will do it again.

We went shopping. Not once did we have to make a super-fast run to a restroom with a three-year-old declaring, 'I have to go NOW!' There were no cramped nursing sessions in our mini-van. Not once did either of us have to bark at S. to quit pulling things off the shelves. We leisurely browsed the shelves looking for the best sales and did not knock a stroller into a single elaborate display. Lunch was a leisurely, peaceful event. We didn't play the 'Your Turn to Soothe the Baby While I Eat and Keep S. Under Control' game. We talked to each other. We ate from each other's plates. We had dessert.

It was lovely, simply lovely, spending time with my spouse. We focused on each other without the distraction of the kiddos. The girls add a wonderful dimension to our life together, but it was good to step outside the parenting world and rediscover that we still like each other.


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