Wednesday, December 28, 2005

S. did not get a (real) horse and cow for Christmas

She seemed to be delighted with what she did receive, however. Some little gems below:

S. (hugging pillow close to her chest): A Thomas pillow. I haven't had one of these for years, and years, and years. I looooove it.

Me: I don't think you were alive years, and years, and years ago.

S.: I just looooove it.

S. (crawling around on the floor playing with a new Thomas the Tank Engine bridge and water tower): Santa brought me a Thomas bridge. Just what I asked for. I loooooove it. (For the record, so far as I know, she never asked Santa for anything Thomas-related)

S. (playing with a new plastic horse): His name is Frisky. He's a horse and I loooove him.

S.: Santa left candy canes on the tree? I looooove them.

Me: Look, we have red raspberry flavored ones and brown cinnamon flavored ones.

S.: I loooove cinnamon and I loooooove raspberry.

I have no idea where all this effusiveness has come from. It leaves me wondering if we have a future drama queen on our hands. How did the most laidback baby in the known universe turn into this, this three year old?!?!


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