Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thoughts on the beach on Padre Island

This sand looks soft. Wouldn't a mini-van look ridiculous stuck in the sand on the beach next to all these SUV's and campers? Oh, he's parked on nicely packed sand.

Now, where is that baby pack... 'Thanks, Mr. W.' Now let's see... These straps go over my head, around the back and snap in front. Oh, wait, that's twisted... There!

Oh drat, the wind's really kicking up. I know I have a clip somewhere in this purse. Sheesh, I need a wallet. That's what Mr. W. and the girls need to get me for Christmas: a wallet. Ah, here it is. Too bad I don't have a comb or brush. Oh well, not here to impress the gulls.

Mr. W. has S. ready to go walking the beach. Now if I can just get L. into this carrier... Baby faces front. Left leg here; right leg here. Where'd the blasted clip go? Oh, there it is. Snap one, snap two and there! L. is secure.

Sheesh, I hope the water isn't too cold, I want to wade a little bit. The sand feels great and the water... not too bad. I hope there aren't any jellyfish laying around. Oh, crap, there's one now. It's dead though, and let's hope it's brothers and sisters aren't hanging around today. Last thing we need is a crying 3 year old with jellyfish stings.

Mr. W. looks so cute with his bucket for shells. It's amazing how quickly S. got over her timidity with the water. L. is having a ball kicking her little legs just as hard as she can and chortling over every gull.

I love the feel of sand on my toes, squishy squashy. Oops, the water got a little high that time. Where's Mr. W? Oh, there he is. Crap! Where is S.? Oh, man! I hope we've got a change of clothes still in the van. She is wringing wet announcing that she just got a bath. What a toot!

I guess S. isn't too cold. She isn't shivering and is running around like a child possessed. We can stay a little while longer. What a gorgeous day. Mr. W. was right, this is a great day to go to the beach.


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