Monday, November 21, 2005

I love new parents

My brother is a first-time parent to an adorable 11 month old and a highly-protective SAHD (stay at home dad for those of you unfamiliar with the lingo).

The fam and I are traveling 300+ miles to go stay with said brother (did I mention he was highly protective?). Me, being the courteous big sis, mentioned that L. and I are just getting over the cold that Mr. W. and S. are possibly getting. My brother's reaction? "Well, just don't touch baby I. while you're here." I think he was joking, but who can tell with new parents?

When S. was a baby, I probably had similar knee-jerk reactions to sick relatives wanting to cuddle her. Those reactions were rather pointless since she was in daycare, but still, they were there. Now that we have L., I'm much more laid back. For better or for worse, I place a lot of faith in the antibodies I am supposedly giving her while breastfeeding. I'm still not fond of sick strangers/acquaintances touching her. However, the most diseased relative gets reasonably free access. Hmmm.... maybe that's why L. has her first cold.


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