Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My grandma is old

The title pretty well sums it up. Gramma is 80+ years old and is having health problems. Nothing currently life-threatening, but plenty to try her and my dad's patience. Intellectually, I know that she is aging, but seeing her on this trip has brought home to me emotionally that she is beginning to lose her battle with time. The years continue to march forward and add up mercilessly.

Gramma is moving in with my parents now that she is no longer able to care for herself. This means my father has to help his mother use the bathroom and change her 'pampers' (as she calls them) on a regular basis. No man should ever have to help his mother go potty. I am so sad to see his stress levels go through the roof and stay there.

We are a bunch of optimists and hope and pray that in a few months, Gramma will get a prosthesis (her foot was amputated a few months ago), learn to somewhat walk on it, eat enough to have her feeding tube removed, and develop enough bladder control to get out of diapers. We know there is no cure for old-age, but there is a lot of spark left in this woman whose mother is rapidly approaching 100.


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