Monday, November 21, 2005

It must be Harry Potter

After being in existence for a mere 4 days, my profile view counter has already hit 44. I'm guessing something on my list of favorites is drawing the crowd, and since the latest HP movie released over the weekend, I'm guessing Harry Potter is the big draw. It's either that or my name (Mrs. Wheezer) is drawing some real sickos. Being an eternal optimist, I choose to believe the former.

Since I haven't been to see the movie (and I have the nerve to call myself a HP fan?!?!), I am limited to commenting on the latest HP book. I have seen page upon page of debate on whether Snape is truly evil. Since misery loves company (how many months 'til the last book, Ms. Rowling?), I am tossing out my 2 cents.

My opinion? No, Snape is not evil. He is/has been/and will continue to work for the side of Albus Dumbledore. I don't think a truly evil Snape would have continued to teach Harry while fleeing Hogwarts (remember he kept giving Harry really good advice about using his mind?). I do think an evil Snape would have gloated to Harry about having killed Harry's hero (Dumbledore).

Boy, I envy my kids. They will get to sit down and read the entire series first to last without these interminable waits.


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Would you like a Scottish pen pal who lives in England. Dear Mrs Wheezer.