Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pure Speculation...

I am so excited about 'Deathly Hallows' being released, I can't hardly stand it! So after gazing into my admittedly cracked crystal ball, I have the following speculations and predictions. I will be greatly surprised if any of 'em come true.

1. Hagrid is among the casualties in 'Deathly Hallows.' Makes sense as the rest of Harry's mentors have met untimely ends.

2. Snape is not evil. My guess is that Snape is the tragic figure in the series. His wants and realities crash, and he cannot find happiness in this lifetime. He loved in vain (Lily), he swore allegiance in vain (Dumbledore), he tries in vain to get past his grudge against Harry's father. Nothing in Snape's life has gone well. Harry comes to appreciate this and develop compassion for this lost soul. Compassion for those who are trapped in their own weaknesses is lacking in Harry as of the end of book 6. I hope Rowling grows Harry in this area of his character.

3. Pettigrew plays a key role in foiling Voldemort.

4. The locket Kreature hid is one of the horcruxes.

5. The book ends with the wedding of Fleur and I-can't-remember-Weasley-boy's-name. The series just has to end on a positive, life goes on and the future is bright note, doesn't it? Doesn't it?!

Any other takers?


tj said...

no speculations about ron or hermione?

i'm honestly clueless as to what will happen. i've read all the other books, seen all the movies ... and still have a hard time remembering which event was in which book sometimes. not sure why, but they all run together so well. i need to (quickly) re-read the half-blood prince to try to remember some of those events. especially since i just saw order of the phoenix this weekend, now THAT story is fresh in my mind. *sigh* i just can't win.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I posted on this too. I am scared that Harry will die, I hope he doesn't. And I agree Snape is good and will sacrifice himself for Harry in the end. I think Sirius is not dead, Dumbledore is not dead... I hope Hermione and Ron hook up, Harry and Ginny get married...

I heard a really good ending to the series: Harry becomes the new Dark Arts teacher.

I am rereading HBP right now too.