Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I have a new rash around my belly button

You know that saying, 'Desperate times call for desperate measures.'? (how am I supposed to punctuate that?) Well, this girl is desperate with a capital 'D.' Desperate, desperate, desperate. The nausea has gotten worse in the past couple days, and I am willing to try out any whack-o, loonie home remedy that I haven't tried before (and which doesn't involve excessive illegal narcotics).

Last night, after taking my Unisom and vitamin B-6 supplement, I went to the kitchen. I lobbed off a small chunk of the fresh ginger that Mr. W. picked up earlier. That chunk was then diced into little bitty pieces. (and here's the good part) Then, I stuffed those little pieces into my belly button (go ahead and laugh, I don't mind) and put scotch tape over the little pile to keep it in place.

I am apparently, slightly allergic to the sticky on scotch tape (either that, or it's pretty irritating) because at midnight, I had to take the tape off and dump the little bits of ginger in the trash since I was itching like crazy. Because of the effects of the Unisom, I was too groggy to do a good job clearing off the left over sticky. So this morning, I woke with my pajamas stuck to my red, itchy belly.

On the bright side, I haven't thrown up today, and the nausea isn't too, too bad. Maybe my little experiment in desperation worked. I'll give it another go tonight, but I plan to use the medical tape we have on hand instead of scotch...


tj said...

the smell of lemon juice always seemed to quell my wife's nausea. not sure if you've tried that, but it worked for her!

joansy said...

I had no idea re: ginger. That's crazy. I hope it works!