Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flying naked

I am either really, really brave, supremely optimistic or very, very stupid. I skipped my anti nausea medication routine last night.

The vomiting worsened over the past week and a half or so, and I began to suspect that the meds were no longer working. I could be right on that assumption. In fact, since I have yet to yak today, I am beginning to wonder if the meds were actually exacerbating my symptoms.

I'll give it another couple of days before I pass final judgment. All I know with any sort of certainty is that my head is completely clear for the first time in 2 months. The vomitting may be a cheap price to pay for being clear-headed and capable of assisting Mr. W. in the evening. The poor man has had to handle everything from house cleaning to bathing the children to fixing dinner for the last 2 months. I feel rotten about it, and I want that to change.


eta - changing my vote to very, very stupid. I began chucking my up around 8 last night, and I still haven't stopped...

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MotherPie said...

Hope it passes quickly. I'm amazed how I forget those yuck parts.