Saturday, March 17, 2007

To do list

Enjoy having a full 8 hours all to myself while Mr. W. and the girls go to a train show in Fort Worth.

Go shopping. I must purchase: 2 business professional type outfits in anticipation of big presentations next week; 1 pair dress shoes that will handle my oh-so-stylish rigid insoles while not looking like something from an institution (yeah, right); 1 girdle type object so that I won't jiggle about so much in my new professional type outfits and any other spring wear; 1 pair garden gloves so that I can start attacking the weeks that currently own our flower beds.

Stamp! I want to add two more projects to my gallery today. The poor thing only has 11 items...

Figure out what I will purchase at the Stampin' Up party I am attending tomorrow afternoon.

Clean the kitchen.


Updated 3/19/2007:

Enjoyed myself! Watched some Lifetime or Family channel sappy movie. Talked to my mom on the phone.

Shopped til I dropped. I found a pair of shoes that I hate, but seem to work with my current foot woes. Found half a dozen outfits for work. I spend more money on clothes for me on Saturday than I have probably in the last three years combined. Since I detest clothes and shoe shopping, this was truly a big day.

Started a stamping project, but still need to finish it. Inspiration turned to dust after I had the background done...

Kitchen is still a mess, but I did get the dead flowers off the kitchen table...

Thanks for asking, T.


Tree said...

And? How did it go??

MPPs Mom said...

the whole first paragraph of the list to buy sounded just like bridget jones talking. Perhaps I've seen it one too many times in the last week on cable.
good luck on your presentations!!!