Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cat Stories

While Mr. W. and S. were on their very first fishing trip together, L. and I luxuriated in a quiet day with nothing that had to be done. We took full advantage of the unseasonably warm (even for us!) weather to hang out in the backyard.

The ugliest cat in the known universe decided to join us for a little fun in the sun. Eliza (the cat) would climb under the patio furniture. L. would climb under after her. Eliza would hide in the twisted coils of the garden hose. L. would lift them off her concerned the keeeeee (L.'s word) was stuck.

Eliza would hang out in the open, and L. would grab her tail. Did I mention that this cat is as tolerant as she is ugly? Eliza would meow for help, and L. would pick her up. After a good 30 minutes of this torture playtime, Eliza decided to go exploring on the other side of the fence.

L. responded by wailing 'keeeeeee, keeeeeee, keeeeeee' loud enough that I think she might have been the one scaring the fish onto S.'s line. When she burst into tears, I knew it was way past naptime. So, she and I settled in for a nice afternoon nap.


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