Monday, March 12, 2007

Finally heard from the adjuster

Our roof needs to be replaced. I kind of expected that, but had hoped we could get away with a repair. Between the nasty hail and horrible winds we took last spring and the horrible winds we took on Feb 24, it's amazing we have a roof at all...

Since we had serious thunderstorms yesterday going on into today, I really, really, really hope the tarp Mr. W. spread out over our roof kept leakage to a minimum.

Meanwhile, our house is quite a sight! Mr. W. used silicone to try to keep the tarp down. When that didn't work out so well, he resorted to heavy yellow rope to keep it tied down. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful suburban house with two long white silicone lines down the roof and another half dozen yellow ropes tied to a huge grey tarp draped over the roof and flapping in the breeze.


1 comment:

Keith said...

Is it really a suburb if Waco is the urb? I live in the sixth-biggest suburb of Dallas, and it's still twice the size of Waco. :)