Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fish Stories

Mr. W. took S. on her very first ever fishing trip. They packed up her brand new Disney Princesses rod and reel, a couple of Mr. W.'s rods, his tackle box and a bucket of live minnows and headed out to Mr. W.'s parents' farm.

They trekked out to the tank (pond for people less familiar with 'Texan') and began to fish. After some time with no luck, they walked down to see if there was water in the creek. There was, but Mr. W. and S. decided to stick it out at the tank. About that time, some cows decided it'd be a good time to splash around on the opposite side from the fishing expedition.

Mr. W. thinks those cows scared the fish clean onto their hooks. Final count was 5 for S. and 4 for Mr. W. Not only did she catch the most, but she also caught the largest: a 20 inch large mouthed bass. Her little Princesses rod and reel couldn't really handle that load, so Mr. W. had to help haul the fish up for inspection.

I am happy to announce that true to my request, Mr. W. and S. left all the fish back at the tank, where they will continue to grow fat and happy in anticipation of the next fishing trip.


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