Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What a morning!

L. had her 18 month check up this morning. Because the clinic is right next door to my and Mr. W.'s office, I like to schedule 7:45 am appointments with the intention of dropping off Mr. W. at 7:30, and me taking the girls to the appointment. After we're finished with doctor, nurse, shots, etc. I take them up to the office, and Mr. W. takes them to daycare. This prevents either of us from missing more than an hour office time (in theory).

S., L. and I were sitting in the waiting room, waiting to be called back, when L. had the mother of all blow-outs (note to self: L. does NOT need to eat any more corn, prunes, peaches or other high fiber foods for awhile). It overflowed her diaper, it ran down her little legs, it puddled on the carpeted (naturally) floor. It was chunky and yellow, and it was everywhere.

Fortunately, Nurse B. was on duty. She is a treasure, and we love her. She can get 4 shots done complete with band-aids before a child gets out the first whimper. She has known both the girls since before they were born. Nurse B. obviously loves her job, and remembers the specifics of our little family (even stuff that's not on the charts). Anyway, she helped me clean up L., disinfected the carpet, rinsed out L.'s outfit and stuffed it in a biohazzard bag.

By the time L. was presentable for inspection, Dr. S. had gone on to the next patient, so we had a few minutes to kill before it was our turn. After about 10 minutes, Dr. S. came and checked out our sweet L. Our girl is a skinny minnie! She is at 40th percentile for weight, 70th percentile for height and 80th percentile for head circumference. Except for the whole not really talking yet thing, she's meeting all her milestones like clockwork.

Once L.'s examination was complete, I asked the doc if he could take a quick look at S.' brand new spots. Turns out our big girl possibly has the chicken pox despite having received the vaccination! Ay yi yi! She spent the day with grandma and grandpa while we wait to see if more spots show up. If it's the pox, that's a week we will have to figure out alternative care.

{Sigh} At least, as one co-worker pointed out, I started the day off being pooped on, it could only get better. He was right.


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Mayberry said...

Your coworker had a good point. But that's still a pretty crappy (har har) way to start your day!