Monday, August 28, 2006

Warp Speed

I have a grand total of 5, maybe 10, minutes of peace and quiet. Mr. W. is bathing the girls, so I am frantically typing. One little known fact about me is that I have clocked in at 100 wpm with 100% accuracy when typing! It's silly to be so proud of this accomplishment, but I am a bonafide 100% pure true blue klutz.

You know that kid who was always picked last for whatever game? Or the kid who was always the last to finish any race? Or the kid who regularly had skinned knees and elbows because he/she always fell down? Or the adult who currently has one scrape on her right forearm, and a half dozen or so bruises in varying stages of black to greenishness?

That would be me. I don't know that I've been scarred by those experiences, but let's just say I never had aspirations to become an athlete or professional dancer. Heck, I was even dropped on my head by a dancing partner. Yes, smack dab on the top of my skull, complete with stars and cheeping little birdies dancing around. This was due to his poor instruction and my terrible coordination.

In the end, I am ridiculously proud of the fact, that I can type. It's the one and only thing I have been truly gifted with in the realm of the physical.



Gretchen said...

That's a neat talent to have!

I'm a bumper and bruiser too... Yesterday I whacked my knee on something - can't remember what.

Keith said...

"I was even dropped on my head by a dancing partner."

Also not me! Hooray! I thought about that as I learned I can do the very move he was trying with my baby.