Sunday, August 20, 2006

Shotgun Approach

I've been a little 'up to my ears' with my real life, and missed posting. Wah-wah-wah.

The Girls

S. promotes to the pre-k class at her daycare on Monday and to a brand new pre-k Sunday school class at my church. I can hardly believe she's already a pre-k kid. Where did that tiny baby go? The one who totally freaked me out for her first bath at home. Two days after we brought her home from the hospital, it was time for her to get a bath. She did not like the procedure and responded by wailing pitifully. This triggered an all-out sobbing breakdown on my part, so Mr. W. wound up having to bathe her while I cried on our bed on the other side of the house.

L. is turning into little miss independent. She is definitely moving past her baby stage when all she wanted was to be held (not that she isn't just the snuggliest little thing ever). She is quite good at entertaining herself and will happily play for short periods of time all by herself. This is quite a change from the infant who cried whenever she was not being held and led me to curse my own ineptitude with a sling.

The ecstasy... and the agony

Mr. W. and I had a Saturday night date night this weekend. We went to a fantastic little Mexican seafood place that happens to have 'we served the president and honored guests' claim to fame. Mr. W. and I shared a crab tostada (for those unfamiliar, akin to a flat taco) with onions and tomatos and the best doggone crab I have ever had this far inland! We followed with shrimp dishes. Bacon-wrapped, skewered and grilled shrimp with vegetables for me, and shrimp with tomatillo sauce and vegetables for Mr. W. I seriously had to undo the top button on my pants after our meal and basked in that rare glow that follows a perfect meal.

Unfortunately (and this is where the agony comes in), I do not tolerate bell peppers at all. I pretended to myself that if I ate around the bell peppers in my meal, I would be okay. I was wrong. Hoo boy, was I wrong. I am sick as a dog right now, and very grateful that we came straight home after dinner rather than do any more running around. Did I mention that I do not tolerate bell peppers? They are delicious, but oh, so, baaaaad. I wonder, though, why I can tolerate chiles like jalapenos, but not the much milder bell.

Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, whatever

L. goes back to the allergist next month. September 18 is d-day. The allergist will perform a skin test to take a look-see at how our little miss' allergy is progressing. I have everything crossed that she will be completely non-reactive. It's unlikely that she will have outgrown her allergy already, and my mommy instinct just knows she is still allergic to all things dairy (and is developing another mysterious food allergy). Still, a girl can hope.

I'm off to drink a 7-Up in a futile attempt to settle a tummy that is just going to have to work out its little issues.


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Mayberry said...

Sorry about the digestion... but thanks for the updates. I'm feeling the same way about the kiddos. We just had a visit from a kindergarten teacher-- our district schedules a quick meeting with families a YEAR ahead. Tick tock!!