Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What the Insurance Industry has been saying for a long time

I don’t know whether that’s going to be this year or five years from now or a hundred years from now. But as long as we continue to develop the coastline like we are, we’re setting up for disaster.

-Max Mayfield
director National Hurricane Center

It really worries me that so much of our resources are directed toward coastal development. Gone are the inexpensive beach shacks. They have been replaced with multi-million dollar mansions, casinos, you name it. The economic ripple alone from a major storm running up a highly developed coastline is staggering, the potential loss of life is horrifying. Katrina was bad, very bad. However, she could have been worse, much worse.

We who do not live in coastal areas have been and will continue to foot the bill for this reckless coastal over development that is akin to building the Sears tower on the San Andreas fault.

I work in the insurance industry, and once again, we are holding our breaths through yet another hurricane season...

Rant over.