Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well Baby Checkup

February 15, 2008

Miss A. had her 2 week check at 9 days old. A little early, but it was either then or wait 2 more weeks.

Weight: 10 lbs 7 oz or 95%ile (doc was impressed we already exceeded the birth weight, especially since I'm breastfeeding)
Length: 21.5 inches or 90%ile. Somehow, she shrank half an inch in 9 days? Methinks A. did some squirming somewhere somehow.
Head: 14.75 inches or 75%ile.

Doc asked how things were going, and I told him that we were doing fine. I was thinking about moving the rocking chair since A. keeps wanting to look out the window while I'm feeding her. This becomes a little painful since she doesn't let go before turning her head. I'm not sure the doc quite believed me until she demonstrated her 'advancedness' during the check up by picking her head up and staring directly at the doc. Pretty good trick for a baby only 9 days old. The doc and nurse were both pretty surprised.

All in all, she's in great shape and growing nicely!

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