Monday, February 18, 2008

Tooth Fairy Cameth

I'm so behind... Wonder what could be distracting me...

So much excitement. We picked up S. from the after school program last Monday, and she was bouncing off the walls showing off her new gap! My baby lost her first tooth at school that morning. So exciting. The Tooth Fairy managed to remember to swap the tooth for a crisp $1 bill, and S. is incredibly proud of her dollar. I still haven't made her Tooth Fairy pillow, though. It is on my list of projects while I'm on maternity leave (along with a million other things that may or may not get done).

The school has a neat little 'lost tooth' program, and the kids get to make up stories about what they think the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth. Very cute.


TxGambit said...

How coool!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was unsure what the inflation rate for teeth is.